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Mountain Tarp | Smooth Roll, Side Dump Tarp System

Starting Price: $3,219.00

The Mountain Tarp Smooth Roll tarp system for side-dump trailers is designed with a heavy-duty tarp rod that tucks the tarp tightly under the driver’s side trailer lip, allowing the side dump trailer to be dumped from either side. The system will easily open and close a mesh tarp or an optional 22 oz. reinforced vinyl tarp with a 90:1 gear tarp motor.

The easy to install roll-up tarp system is designed to cover heaped loads on 34′ to 36′ trailers.  The complete system weighs in at less than 300lbs and features a thick-walled roll tub to reduce tarp sag along the trailer.  Add the convenience of remote control switch operation and the Smooth Roll is a great choice for your side dump tarping needs.

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