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Waste – Refuse Tarp Systems

The containment of loads may not be any more important than in the waste and refuse industry. where very light debris is often hauled.  Think normal household trash…do any of us really want a bag of food waste, diapers and milk cartons flying out of that 53’ transfer trailer rolling down the road at 65 miles per hour?  No, not a pleasant thought.  This is one reason why nearly every state in the country has some level of mandatory tarp laws in place.  My friends at Pulltarps have put together an overview of tarp regulation for each state.  Follow this link for more information on tarp regulations in your state.

Waste  refuse tarp systems are generally used on Roll-Off Trucks and Transfer Trailers (which may include walking floor trailers).

    • Roll-Off Truck Tarping Systems (often called “auto-tarpers” or “auto-tarps”) include:
      Waste - Refuse Tarp Systems

      Roll-Off Tarp System, Pioneer RP4500, Strong Arm

      • Armless Systems
        • HY-Tower by Donovan/Shur-Co
        • HI-Roller by Pioneer
        • Tower by Pulltarps
      • Swing Arm Systems (stationary arm length)
        • Quick Flip III by Donovan
        • Tuff-Tarper and Econocover by Pioneer
        • DC200, DC203, and DC400 by Roll-Rite
      • Swing Arm Systems (adjustable arms)
        • SWAT by Donovan/shur-Co
        • RP4500, Strong Arm by Pioneer
        • DC350 by Roll-Rite

 Refuse Tarp Systems -Transfer Trailer

  •  Transfer Trailer and Walking Floor Trailer systems include:
    Waste - Refuse Tarp Systems

    Donovan/Shur-Co Sidewinder II Transfer Trailer Tarp System,

    • Side Roll Systems by Aero, Donovan/Shur-Co, and Mountain Tarp
    • Sidewinder by Donovan/Shur-Co
    • The Lid 2 by Aero
    • Double Flip by Donovan/Shur-Co

All of the aforementioned systems offer excellent load containment when used for a waste refuse tarping systems application  If you would like more information on any of these systems, follow the links above to go directly to our Roll-Off Truck Tarp Systems or Transfer Trailer/Walking Floor Trailer Tarping Systems page. Prefer to talk to somebody?  Call me directly, Dan LoAlbo at 757-615-4379 or contact here me via email here. for more information about Waste – Refuse Tarp Systems.