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Truck Tarps

truck tarps

Aero Easy Cover flip tarp system on a multi-axle dump truck

I really enjoy speaking with customers from all over the country about their truck tarps systems needs.  Whether they need a dump truck tarp system or trailer tarp system I always enjoy the conversations.  It’s so uplifting to learn about hard-working men and women from businesses to large corporations with hundreds of workers. I just love to learn about what they are doing and how I can help them.

Of course, I also like to talk about my industry, the dump truck tarps and dump trailer tarping industry!  I love to help my customers learn about the best truck tarp system for their application and help them navigate which tarp system and which manufacturer may be the best solution for their specific dump truck or trailer.  It’s actually a fun process and I always try to keep several variables in mind: application, cost, truck or trailer type and geography.  With these few variables answered, I am able to help each customer on individual bases because every customer has different needs, requirements, and expectations.

truck tarps

Donovan Sidewinder, transfer trailer tarp system.

TarpGuy Values Our Customers

LoAlbo Enterprises arguably offers the largest selection of truck tarps truck covering at any one location online..And  is well positioned to support every customer’s very specific requirements for load containment no matter the style of dump truck, dump trailer, roll-off truck, walking floor, belly dump, side dump or transfer trailer, I have you covered.  All of the top domestic manufacturers are available at LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc., including; Aero Industries, Donovan Enterprises, Merlot Manufacturing, Mountain Tarp, Pioneer Tarp Systems, Pulltarps, Roll-Rite, and Shur-Co.

I will personally answer each call to LoAlbo Enterprises.  If I can’t take your call, just leave me a message and I’ll get back to you at my very first opportunity.  If you prefer texting or email, no problem, just text me at 757-615-4379 or email me directly at dan@tarpguy.com  and again, I’ll get back to you ASAP!  As I stated earlier, I love talking about your dump truck or trailer tarp system needs, so returning inquiries is a pleasure!

truck tarps

Pulltarps truck tarps, Single Cable Super Slider on a half round dump trailer.

The Best Truck Tarps At The Best Price

A conversation about your load containment requirements will start off with some basic questions about your dump truck or trailer such as the length, width, cab-shield, radius front, and other basic questions about the configuration of your vehicle.  Often I’ll ask for pictures to help me help you with the best tarp system options.  I’ll then inquire about your application.  What are you hauling; sand, gravel, stone, asphalt, sludge, trash, waste, refuse, mulch, dirt, grain, construction debris, or maybe some other material?  The cost is usually a consideration and I’m willing to work with your budget to make sure you get the load cover you need at a price that is comfortable for you and your business. I also take geography into consideration, where are you located?  With 8 different manufacturers and multiple distribution points, shipping from the closest manufacturer’s location can often save on shipping expense and delivery time.  Of course, geography is an important component, but the right truck tarps system for your application is the real goal.

Every truck and trailer tarp system offered by LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc. is manufactured by the best manufacturers in the industry!  Below is a quick capsule of each manufacturer…

Truck Tarps Manufacturers

Aero Industries: Aero is one of the leading providers of innovative tarping system for the heavy hauling industry.  Founded in 1944, Aero initially manufactured only tarps, but soon expanded to truck tarp systems (and other truck and trailer accessories).  Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, Aero also operates facilities in Omaha, NE, and Kent, OH. Truck tarps systems offered by Aero include; Economy Easy Cover, Easy Cover, The Lid, SideKick 2, Crank-N-Go, Conestoga and coming soon the Aeroforce line of tarp systems.

Donovan Enterprises, Inc.: Donovan Enterprises was established in the 1980’s and is located in Stuart, FL.  Donovan offers a variety of truck tarp systems including; Turbo Tarper, The Bullet, Flash, Hammer, Sidewinder, Sidewinder 350, Double Flip, HY-Tower and, SWAT.  Donovan Enterprises, Inc. and Shur-Co have recently merged under the Shur-Co name, however, the Donovan brand is alive and well.

Merlot Manufacturing: Merlot Mfg. is located in Verona, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh.  Merlot, established in 1960 has been on the cutting edge of load containment solutions for dump trucks and dump trailers for many years.  The inventor of the “Panel Tarp”, Merlot Manufacturing now incorporates the Panelized Tarp System design into several of the truck tarp systems they manufacture.

Mountain Tarp: Mountain Tarp, located in Middlesboro, KY, established in 1987 and parented by Waste Quip Corp is a long time manufacturer of high-quality truck tarps for virtually every industry.  Flip Tarp Systems and Cable Tarp System are the flagship offerings from Mountain Tarp.

Pioneer Tarping Solutions:  Pioneer, as the name says is a “pioneer”.  Leading the way with innovative products that have revolutionized the industry, including the Rack-N-Pinion®  truck tarp system.  Established in 1967, Pioneer received their first ever patent for a truck covering device that same year.

Pulltarps Manufacturing:  Pulltarps, Established in 1992 from a simple request for a tarping system without arms.  Soon, the Pulltarps spring-return truck tarping system was developed.  In 2017 Pulltarps was acquired by Roll-Rite, but Pulltarps continues on with the Pulltarps brand and line of products.  With Pulltarps “NO BS” satisfaction guarantee, you have 30 days from the date of delivery to install and try out your “pullout type tarping system”.  If you wish to return it for any reason, Pulltarps will pay the return shipping charges. NO BS.

Roll-Rite:  Roll-Rite Manufacturing is located in Gladwin, MI.  Incorporated in 1991, Roll-Rite was founded after the state of MI passed new tarp laws in 1989 . Rollrite  also understood the need for a better tarping system than what was on the market at the time. Roll-Rite founders accepted the challenge to do just that, and built better truck tarp system.  Since that time Roll-Rite has established a full line of dump truck, dump trailer and roll-off truck tarp systems for virtually every application. Truck tarps Systems include the DC 100 to DC400 Series for roll-off trucks and STS system for side dump trailers.

Shur-Co: Shu-Co: Shur-Co was originally established in 1969 as Wahpeton Canvas Company and formally becoming Shur-Co in 1996.  Innovation and growth have been key factors in Shur-Co’s success..As well as acquiring other top-tier manufacturers ,including Roll-Rite and Pulltarps. Shur-Co has a global reach with multiple manufacturing locations. Truck tarps with well-known names like Shur-Loc and Shur-Co are well positioned to serve the truck tarps and trailer tarping industry for many years to come.

Tarping Systems, Inc:  Tarping Systems, Inc. (TSI) offers an ever-growing line of truck tarps and trailer tarping systems from their Slocomb, AL facility.  With 22 years of experience, TSI offers  the Patriot Electric Flip Tarp System and the Stealth Electric Flip Truck Tarp .

Would you like more information on any of the truck tarps offered by LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc.?  Do you want more information on the above-listed manufacturers?  Do you just want to talk about truck tarps truck covering?  Give me, Dan LoAlbo a call directly at 757-615-4370.