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Vinyl Tarp Material

Truck Tarp Covers  …Since I am the “Tarpguy” it seems appropriate to have at least a couple of blog posts discussing the actual “tarp” or “canvas” that covers and contains the load.  In a previous post, I suggested that the mechanics of the tarp system is the heart of the system and that the tarp is just along for the ride.  Although that is true, it is only fair to at least recognize that the truck Tarp Covers tarp system isn’t complete without the tarp, tarpaulin or canvas…call it whatever you like. The mesh, vinyl or solid material that covers the load, complete the tarping system.  You know, like how Renee Zellweger’s character “completes” Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire…but I digress.

This brings me to the purpose of this blog post.  Tarp Applications, what do they cover and what is the best tarping solution for your application? The easy answer is virtually everything but let’s break that down a little more.  Below is a list of truck tarp covers tarp materials and a list of typical applications. There is, undoubtedly more options and uses, but the list offers a general overview of the most common tarp materials and used truck tarp covers.

Truck Tarp Covers Materials (canvas):

  • Mesh Tarp Tarps | sand, gravel, soil, rocks and general debris
  • Heavy Duty Mesh Tarps | sand, gravel, soil, and construction debris
  • Mighty Mesh Tarps | waste, refuse, trash, and construction debris
  • Gator Mesh Tarps | waste, refuse, trash, and construction debris
  • Knitted Mesh Tarps | waste, refuse, trash and construction debris
  • Vinyl Tarps | grain, hot asphalt, and lightweight materials
  • 14-ounce Vinyl Tarps
  • 18-once Vinyl Tarps
  • 22-ounce Vinyl Tarps
  • Canvas Tarps | hot asphalt and construction debris
  • RFL Tarps | hot asphalt and construction debris
  • Asphalt Tarps | hot asphalt
  • Asphalt Lumite Tarps | hot asphalt
  • Donoprene Tarps | hot asphalt and construction debris
  • Poly Tarps | refuse, waste and trash


  • Dump Truck Tarps | sand, gravel, soil, rocks and debris
  • Dump Trailer Tarps | sand, gravel, grain, rocks and debris
  • Roll-Off Tarps | refuse, trash, waste, yard waste, general debris
  • Grain Trailer Tarps | grain, agricultural
  • Flatbed Trailer Tarps | equipment, coils
  • Steel Tarps (typically vinyl) | equipment
  • Lumber Tarps (typically vinyl) | lumber
  • Asphalt Truck Tarps | hot asphalt
  • Refuse Trailer Tarps  | refuse, waste, garbage, yard debris
  • Side Dump Tarps | sand, gravel, stone, construction materials
  • Roll-Off Container Covers | refuse, trash, waste, yard debris
  • Landscaping Tarps | vegetation
  • Bunker Tarps | mulch, gravel, sand, salt and stone

Do you have an application or truck tarp covers material that has not been mentioned above? Let me know and I’ll add it to my blog post.

For more information about Dump Trailer Tarps , Refuse Trailer Tarps or truck tarp covers call me or email me with questions or inquires at 757-615-4379 or dan@tarpguy.com

Dan LoAlbo