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automatic roll-off tarp system

Pioneer HR1500 Auto Tarper

This is a great industry!  The truck tarp system industry that is.  I entered the industry as a side gig just to earn a few extra bucks.  I had no idea back in 1993 that I would become The Tarpguy and still be selling and installing dump truck tarp systems over 25 years later!  One just never knows what the future holds!

Over the years I have installed tarp systems all over Virginia and North Carolina.  I have visited customers as far away as California and as close as my current hometown of Virginia Beach, VA.  Establishing relationships with customers, many I now call friends has been one of the greatest joys of my experience.  Getting on the phone with a new customer from anywhere USA is always a pleasure.  Not only having the opportunity sell a truck tarp system (obviously that is a goal) but also to get a pulse on what is happening in that area of the country. Learning a little bit about the lives of others, most often in a part of the country, I have not visited.  It’s a privilege and I am grateful for the daily opportunities I am given to engage in these conversations.

automatic roll-off tarp system

Dan getting ready to repair a flip tarp system on a half-round scrap trailer.

I have also been blessed to establish outstanding relationships with the wonderful manufacturers of the industrial dump truck and dump trailer tarp system I have been selling for so many years.  Aero, Donovan, Merlot, Mountain Tarp, Pioneer, Pulltarps, Shur-Co, and TSI.  All have been integral in the success of LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc. and I am extremely appreciative of the support provided by the amazing people at each of these manufacturers.

So, if you want to call me and discuss dump truck tarp systems, side dump tarp systems, automatic roll-off tarp system, flip and arm tarp systems, transfer and waste trailer tarp systems or any load covering application I will be more than happy to do so…but don’t be surprised if we cover a lot more than just the reason you called.

Talk to you soon.

For more information about automatic roll-off tarp system call Dan LoAlbo 757-615-4379