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Pioneer tarp system on a roll off truck

Pioneer HR1500 Automatic Tarp System on a Roll-Off Truck

Decisions, Decisions…What Tarp System to choose?

Selecting a tarp system for your Dump Truck, Dump Trailer or Roll-Off Truck can be a difficult decision.  You desire the best load containment but also want ease of operation at an affordable price.  So how do you decide?  Here are a few questions that a Tarpologist, such as myself may ask to help you determine the best tarp systems covering system for your needs.
  • What type of truck, trailer or container are you trying to cover?
  • What do you haul?
  • Do you require some amount of waterproofing?
  • How often do you load/unload?
Dimensions of the truck, trailer or container that are generally needed…
  • Overall Length
  • Outside to Outside Width
  • Inside to Inside Width
  • Outside to Outside Width (cab shield if applicable)
  • Inside to Inside Width (cab shield if applicable)
  • Note: other dimensions may be needed

With these questions answered, determining which system will best suit your tarping needs will be a much easier task.

Generally speaking, your tarp system needs will fall into one of six different tarp design categories.  (1) Flip Tarp or Arm Tarps, or Mouse Trap Tarp (2) Cable Tarp or Accordion Tarp, (3) Pull Tarps (4) Side Roll Tarps or Side Dump Tarp Systems (5) Roll-Off Tarp Systems or Auto Tarpers or Automatic Tarp Systems and (6) Waste Transfer Tarp Systems or Transfer Trailer Tarp Systems.  Once a Tarp System “style” is selected you can then determine the type of Tarp (the material) you may want to use (please see my blog on Tarp Materials).  Finally, you will need to decide if the system will be Manual Hand Crank, ElectricTarp Motor, HydraulicTarp Motor or Semi-Automatic (spring loaded).  At this point, you should have narrowed down your selection to one or two tarp systems and although a few more questions may need to be answered…especially how much to ultimately spend…you should be well on your way to having a great tarp system that fits your exact tarp systems needs!  If you have questions about tarp systems, please call, text or email me anytime.
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