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Roll-Rite DC200 Series Side Mount Spring Assem

Roll-Rite Swing Arms, Lower Arm with Spring Assembly and Mounting Bracket

I’m often asked to provide assistance with tarp system installation questions.  This could be something as simple as “how do I connect the tarp to the roller bar?”  Or something a little more involved, such as “how do I find the pivot point for my tarp swing arms?”  In fact, I frequently get calls from end-users who have actually purchased the tarp system they are installing from another distributor.  Yep, they need help and the distributor where the tarp system was purchased doesn’t have any answers, so where do they go?  The Tarpguy!  In any of these cases, I’m more than happy to help.  Obviously, I would have preferred the tarp system be purchased directly from me, but hey, that is ok as I figure they will come back to the guy who assisted them with the information they needed to complete the tarp system installation.

So with that said, I want it to be known that I am open for installation questions.  Whatever you have?  If on the rare occasion that I cannot directly answer your tarp installation question, I’ll get you an answer and I’ll do it quickly.  On several of the more common topics, I have produced a few “how-to” videos to assist customers with installation questions.  You can visit my how-to video library and take a look.  If you don’t see what you need, give me a call and I’ll get you on your way to a complete tarp system installation.  In addition to my how-to video library, I also offer a full blog page with information on the various systems offer by LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc. and www.tarpguy.com Check out the blog page.

Part# 1800850, old PN# 2532 Electric Hydraulic pump assemly for Donovan HY-Tower Tarp System, 12 Volt

Donovan HY-Tower Electric over Hydraulic Motor assembly with Marine Toggle Switch

Another benefit of visiting LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc is that I offer an installation manual for every tarping system I sell.  If you are looking for an install manual for a Pioneer RP4500 automatic tarping system or an Aero Easy Cover Flip Tarp System or a Mountain Tarp Tarp-n-Go cable tarp system, I have them all available directly online in downloadable PDF format for easy access and printing.  Aero, Donovan, Merlot, Mountain Tarp, Pioneer, Pulltarps, Roll-Rite, Shur-Co or TSI…I have all the install manuals.  If you can’t find the manual, give me a call and I’ll send you a link.

Aero Double Torsion Spring for all Aero Flip Style or Swing Arm Tarp Systems

Aero Double Torsion Spring for all Aero Flip Style or Swing Arm Tarp Systems

Bottom line is this. The Tarpguy, Dan LoAlbo (me) has been in the truck tarping industry for a more than a quarter of a century (started installing in 1991 in Richmond, VA and now operate out of Virginia Beach, VA ).  I have installed virtually every style of tarp system and repaired many more.  If you need answers to your tarp installation or you just want to discuss tarp options for you load covering application,  I’m your guy…the Tarpguy!

Call me directly at 757-615-4379 or send me an email at dan@tarpguy.com   You can even text me a picture of your problem.

Have tarp system questions?  Tarpguy has tarp system answers!