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Side Dump Tarp Systems

We here on the east coast don’t get the opportunity to see too many side dump tarp systems in our neck of the woods.  Traveling through the midwest and western states, however, side dump trailers become more popular and subsequently, the use of side dump roll tarp systems becomes more important. I’m not exactly sure of why side dump trailers are predominately utilized in the Midwest as it seems to me that side dumps offer a great way to both load and unload a trailer…but I digress…back to the reason for this post, side dump tarp systems.

No matter the manufacturer of your side dump trailer; Smith co. Trailers, Ranco Trailers, Clement Trailers, Midland Trailers, Jet Trailers, Manac Trailers, R-Way Trailers, Sidump’r Trailers, Side Dump Industries, Construction Trailer Specialists or some other brand, LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc and the Tarpguy have your side dump tarp system covering needs…well, covered!

With a full line of side dump tarp systems from the leading manufacturers LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc. is well positioned to meet every side dump trailer tarping application you can imagine.  Leading the way with industry brand names such as the Aero, Side Kick 2 or Shur-Co, Iron Side and Mountain Tarp, Smooth Roll we offer plenty of selection for brand loyalists or a first-time side dump owners.  And now, LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc. is proud to offer the Roll-Rite STS Series Side Dump Tarp System.  All top tier manufacturers with over 200 years of combined tarping experience.

Let’s take a quick look at each system…

Side Dump Tarp Systems.

Aero, SideKick 2, Side Dump Roll Tarp Systems

Aero, SideKick 2 Side Dump Tarp Systems

The SideKick 2, electric side dump roll tarp system is a second generation product combining the simple design of the originalSideKick® system with new innovative components that provide strength, less pressure and more torque during operation.  A heavy-duty reinforced mesh tarp is Included with the base unit.  The lightweight but durable design offers easy installation and the strongest roll tube on the market.  Optional items include a universal mounting bracket for the front and rear arm assemblies. 

Side Dump Tarp Systems

Shur-Co, Iron Side, Side Dump Roll Tarp System.

Shur-Co, Ironside

The IronSide™ electric roll tarp from Shur-Co® has been specifically designed and built to survive the harsh hauling conditions of side dump applications. The IronSide™ is aptly named, with all structural components manufactured from steel for maximum strength and superior performance. The Ironside™ allows the trailer to be loaded or unloaded from either side, with the tarp stored in a protected position underneath the side rail of the trailer.  Key Features: Durable Steel Tubing, Gear-Reduced Chain Drive, Extruded Aluminum Roll Tube, Robust Hinges for Increased Support, Adjustable HD Torsion Springs, Durable Mesh Fabric Cover. The system Includes a heavy duty Mesh Tarp w/Vinyl Reinforcements.

Side Dump Roll Tarp Systems

Mountain Tarp, Smooth Roll,  Side Dump Roll Tarp System

Mountain Tarp, Smooth Roll

The Mountain Tarp Smooth Roll tarp system for side-dump trailers is designed with a heavy-duty tarp rod that tucks the tarp tightly under the driver’s side trailer lip, allowing the side dump trailer to be dumped from either side. The system will easily open and close a mesh tarp or an optional 22 oz. reinforced vinyl tarp with a 90:1 gear tarp motor.  The easy to install roll-up Smoot Roll tarp system is designed to cover heaped loads on 34′ to 36′ trailers.  The complete system weighs in at less than 300lbs. And features a thick-walled roll tub to reduce tarp sag along the trailer.  Add the convenience of remote control switch operation. And the Smooth Roll is a great choice for your side dump tarping needs.

Side Dump Roll Tarp Systems

Roll-Rite, STS Series, Side Dump Tarp System

Roll-Rite, STS Series Side Dump Tarp Systems

Rite·Lock system arm consists of a specially treated, high strength extruded aluminum alloy. Combined with our patented
knuckle pivot technology, the Rite·Lock system provides smooth, compact operation for side tarping.  A standard mounting bracket, necessary wire, and electric kit are included.  The patented Knuckle Pivot allows the axle to climb heaped
load and keeps constant tension on the tarp for maximum control in wind conditions. Additional benefits of the Rite-Lock Arm assembly includes; increased tension from strong spiral torsion springs, low profile arms for added safety. And synchronized front and rear arms for maximum wind protection and smooth operation.  Roll-Rites, TarpStretcher Tarp Motor is designed exclusively for side dump roll tarp systems and features Roll-Rites patented brake technology.

Hopefully, the information provided above offered some useful insight as you search for  Side Dump Roll Tarp Systems.  If not or if you want to discuss any of the tarp systems in this post or anything regarding tarps. Give me, Dan LoAlbo a call directly at 757-615-4379 or send me a note from our contact us page.  Either way, I’ll be happy to help you with any questions you may have about side dump roll tarp systems.