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Automatic Roll-Off Container Tarp Systems

ROLL OFF TARPS SYSTEM! –  I had to put that in bold caps as the Roll-Off tarp system is the toughest, most heavy-duty tarping system manufactured. Also, Roll-Off tarps systems are pitted against the toughest environments every day and they are built to take the punishment.   Manufacturers such as Aero, Donovan, Pioneer, and Roll-Rite have been building tarping system for over 100 years combined.  They know how to build a truck tarp system that is appropriate for the task, and when properly installed and used as designed, the roll-off tarps system should provide years of low maintenance service.

Let’s take a look at some of the fully automatic Roll-Off tarping systems. These systems are often called auto-tarpers that are available through LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc.

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Aero, Aeroforce ROC, Roll Off  Tarp Systems

Aero Roll-Off Container Tarp System…

The most recent entry into this market is the brand new Aero AeroForce ROC (Roll-Off Container tarp system)…In fact, the AeroForce ROC is so new it has not yet been added to my website as of the date of this blog post (May 2018).  Aero’s new swingarm and spring configuration, may revolutionize the tarping industry!  Shifting gears completely from the nearly universally used torsion style clock springs, Aero has introduced the use of a compression spring which out-muscles torsion springs by an 8 to 1 ratio!  That’s right the two compression springs in the Aeroforce ROC brings the same torque as 16 clock style torsion springs.  This results in 2X more downforce when the arms are resting on the top of the container, resulting in less arm bounce when the truck is rolling down the road.  Do you want more information on the AeroForce ROC?  Click here to see the AeroForce ROC brochure.

Pioneer Roll Off Tarp Systems…

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Pioneer Rack-N-Pinion RP4500SARG, automatic roll-off tarps

One of the oldest roll-off tarp systems and arguably the most common roll-off container system is the Pioneer Rack-N-Pinion RP4500 Strong Arm. The Pioneer RP4500 is used all across the United States by virtually every waste hauling company and industry.  The RP4500 Strong Arm has set the standard for other manufacturers to follow and emulate.  Pioneer offers 3 versions of the Rack-N-Pinion RP4500, the RP4500SAR, RP4500SARG, and RP4500SATR.  First, we have the RP4500SAR; this model has a stationary gantry and is recommended for hook-lift trucks, cable hoist trucks and trailers transporting various size containers when installation space is limited behind the cab.  Next is the Pioneer RP4500SARG.  This unit offers an elevating gantry that adjusts vertically from 60” to 90” and is recommended for hook-lift trucks, cable hoist trucks and trailers transporting various size containers.   Both the SAR and SARG systems offer Pioneers patented adjustable telescoping low-arms and Rollmaster, roller assembly.  Finally, Pioneer offers the PR4500SATR.  The SATR is recommended for cable hoist trailers transporting containers of the same size. The SATR utilizes and elevating gantry and fixed length arms.  The roller assembly is mounted at the gantry on the RP4500SATR.  To view an informational brochure on the Pioneer, Strong Arm, Rack-N-Pinion RP4500 series, click here or to view the RP4500 on my website, click here.

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Roll-Rite DC350, Roll-Off Container Tarp System

Roll-Rite Roll-Off Container Tarp Systems…

Roll-Rite brings two fully automatic Roll-Off tarp system auto tarpers to the roll-off truck tarp system market; the DC Series and ALC Series.  For the purpose of this blog entry, I will concentrate on the DC Series, specifically the DC350. Additionally, I  will provide a link for more information on the ALC Series of systems.  Roll-Rites DC350 offers a two-stage tower that elevates from 60” to 132 to allow clearance for taller cans and heaped loads.  The patented sliding pivot mechanism allows for 20” of travel for easy coverage of 20, 30, and 40-yard containers.  The DC350 has heavy duty polished aluminum arms that can be configured as straight or with an optional 45-degree elbow allowing for low profile installation.  For more information on the DC350, click here for a color brochure or for more information on the ALC Series roll off tarp system click here.

Donovan Roll Off Tarp Systems…

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Donovan SWAT Automatic Roll Off Tarp Systems

Last, but certainly, not least is the Donovan SWAT.  Developed in the mold of the Pioneer RP4500, the Donovan SWAT brings all of the durability and benefits of the Pioneer RP4500 under the Donovan brand.  The system is offered as fully hydraulic or with the optional electric over hydraulic pump assembly.  The SWAT easily covers 20, 30 and 40-yard roll-off cans of various heights and lengths.  Add the Mighty Mesh tarp for a super heavy duty roll-off load containment tarp system.  Want more information on the Donovan SWAT?  Click here for our brochure or to visit the Donovan SWAT at my website click here.

So how do you choose the best, fully automatic roll off tarp system for your waste containment application?  What system will best meet the covering needs of your roll-off cans and customers?  Well, you may decide based on existing systems in your fleet.  Or it may be that you favor one manufacturer over another.  Or it may be based on budget and price.   I will be more than happy to speak with you about the roll-off tarp systems offered by LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc.  I’m confident we can determine which roll off container tarp system will meet your specific load covering needs. For more information about roll off tarp systems, auto tarpers and roll tarps call Dan directly at 757-615-4379.