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Refuse Truck Tarp Systems | Not Really for Dump Trucks… 

Refuse Truck Tarp Systems

Donovan, Double Flip, Refuse Load Covering System on Steel Waste Trailer.

When I think of Refuse Truck Tarp Systems, I generally will not lump Dump Truck Tarp Systems into the mix.  For the most part, Dump Truck Tarp Systems are used for the containment of a full range of load materials, but typically not refuse or household trash.  Stone, sand, gravel, asphalt, sludge, construction debris, and landscape materials…Absolutely!… But refuse and household trash is just not a common load for a dump truck.  So with that in mind, I will focus on the trucks and trailers that will most frequently use a refuse tarp system. Refuse Truck Tarp Systems are most commonly found on Roll-Off Trucks and Walking Floor or Transfer Trailers.  These tarping systems include…

Pioneer Rack-N-Pinion RP4500

Pioneer Rack-n-Pinion, RP4500 SARG, Strong Arm System on a Cable Hoist Roll-Off Truck.

Load containment for any Roll-Off truck is imperative!  Roll-Off cans have every imaginable material or combination of materials loaded in the dumpster, from construction debris to defective cigarettes from a cigarette manufacturing facility (I’ve seen it).  The possibilities are endless.  The load can be very light or massively heavy.  But whatever is being hauled should typically have a load covering system properly deployed over the material.  There are four very common styles of tarping systems for roll-off trucks.  First, we have an “armless” system such as the Pioneer HR2000 or Donovan HY-Tower.  Second, we have swing arm systems with stationary length arms.  Third, we have a fully automatic tarpers with adjustable arms. Finally, there is always the option to hand tarp the load. Depending on the type of roll-off trucks you drive (hook truck or cable hoist) and the various size(s) of dumpsters being hauled one tarping system may be better suited to meet your load containment needs more than another.   Give me a call and we can dig in and find out what tarping system will work best for your roll-off application.

Refuse Truck Tarp Systems

Donovan HY-Tower SL with the Gantry Elevated to 15 feet above the frame of the Roll-Off Truck. The Tarp is being deployed over the load.

Walking floor trailers and waste transfer trailers require load containment every bit as much as a roll-off truck!  Maybe more as the loads tend to be much larger and often lighter materials.  This large 50 foot long by 8 foot wide by 10+ feet high trailers can carry a massive amount of refuse.  Frequently these trailers will carry general household refuse and yard debris.  But transfer waste trailers will also haul furniture, construction debris and a full range of general debris and refuse.  Frequently transfer trailers will carry the same loads as roll-off trucks as the loads are “transferred” from the roll-off truck to the transfer trailer at a waste “transfer” facility.  If you want more information on how a waste transfer station works, click here for a short overview.   Like the roll-off trucks, walking floor trailers and refuse transfer trailers generally have four common options for load coverage.  First, we have the side-roll system such as the Mountain Tarp, Ratchet Side Roll.  Second, is the cable tarp system like the Merlot Panel Tarp System.  The third option is a fully automatic “lid” style system such as the Donovan Sidewinder or Aero Lid.  And fourth, there is the hand tarping option (never fun).

So there you have it, a brief overview of refuse and waste tarping system for both roll-off trucks and large walking floor trailers.  If you want to discuss any of the tarping systems mentioned above or if you have questions on other truck tarping systems or additional information about Refuse Truck Tarp Systems, give me, Dan LoAlbo the “Tarpguy” a call at 757-615-4379.