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Pull Tarp Systems

Pull Tarp Style Tarp Systems –  Are a cool alternative to the more common flip tarp or swing arm tarp systems for dump trucks and trailers.  Why?  Well, the pull tarp is a very basic. It’s  easy to use, and easy to install tarp system with fewer moving parts.  Generally speaking, two versions of a pull tarp system are available. Although options do exist and I will touch on that a little later in this post.  First, we have the fully manual pull tarp system and second are the semi-automatic pull style tarp systems.

Pull Tarp Style Tarp Systems

TSI Manual Pull Tarp Systems

A manual pull tarp consists of a tarp roller bar or “spool”, mounting plates, pull bar, hand crank and tarp…That’s it!  Once the unit is mounted, the tarp is deployed by pulling a rope to “pull” the tarp over the load.  The tarp is secured at the rear of the box and slack is removed by turning the hand crank.  To retract the pull  tarp, the tarp is released at the rear of the box and the hand crank is turned to “reel” in the tarp.

Pull Tarp Style Tarp Systems

Pulltarps Super Shield Pull Tarp Systems

Semi Automatic Pulltarp Systems

A semi-automatic tarp systems functions very much like a window shade. The tarp roll-up bar or spool is spring loaded.  Much like the manual system, the tarp is deployed by pulling a rope to pull the tarp over the load and again the tarp is secured at the rear of the dump box.  However, retracting the tarp is a simple as releasing the tarp and allowing the spring loaded roller bar to pull the tarp back to the front of the box until the tarp is fully retracted.

Depending on the pull tarping system selected, options for the pull tarp systems  include a tarp housing, swing arms or electric motor. A tarp housing offers added protection for the tarp and roller bar against falling debris. While swing arms can help elevate the tarp over heaped loads. Also a tarp motor can be added for longer applications. Side flaps can also be added to the tarp for improved load containment.

Pull Tarp Systems in this category are manufactured by Pulltarps, Aero, Donovan, TSI, and Shur-Co. and include the Super Shield, X-Pando, and TSI Manual just to name a few Pull Tarp Style Tarp Systems.

Have questions about a pulltarps tarping systems?  Call Dan LoAlbo directly at 757-615-4379 for answers.