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Aero | The Lid 2, Refuse Trailer Tarp System

Aero | The Lid 2, Refuse Trailer Tarp System

Starting Price: $7,169.00

The industry’s strongest refuse side flip tarp system is now lighter, faster and stronger than ever. After analyzing the strength’s of the original design, we’ve developed a product that utilizes the benefits while eliminating the weaknesses. The second-generation product provides a more durable design along with an easier to maintain structure, which minimizes repair costs.

The Aero Lid II is offers the following features:

  • Open weave waste mesh tarp (included!)
  • Easy to install and repair
  • Front assembly can be mounted on driver or passenger side, in the horizontal or vertical position
  • Durable hydraulic cylinder has minimal mechanical components, with Glide Block/track for smooth, reliable operation
  • Mount-Side Top Rail: Composite panel strip seals area between torque tube and top rail Opposite-Side Top Rail: Hinged-cable guides bring tarp down over the side rail Rear: Adjustable brush provides seal against the tailgate
  • Choose a model that uses the trailer’s hydraulics or a model that has a self-contained electric hydraulic pump

Installation Manual | Brochure

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