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Pulltarps | Open 9000M and 9000E Systems or Aluminator 7000M Open System with Wind Guard

Starting Price: $699.00

Pulltarps Open 9000M (manual) or 9000E (electric) System are the most basic pull tarp system offered by Pulltarps.  Designed for applications where falling debris is not an issue, the 9″ Open System can hold up to 30′ of tarp on a manual system and 40′ of tarp on an electric system.

Pulltarps Aluminator 7000M (manual) System w/Wind Guard is an economical way to get the quality of a genuine Pulltarps Manufacturing System without the premium cost.  The system is available in stock widths of 80”, 84”, 87”, 89”, 93” 96” and 100” to fit virtually any application.  Holds up to 22′ of tarp.

Brochure | Dimension Form | Install 9000M Open  | Install 9000E Open Electric | Install Manual 7000M w/Wind Guard

Due to the custom nature of Pull Style Tarp Systems, the above dimension form must be completed to process an order.

Questions? Need Multiple Units?  Call Dan LoAlbo directly at 757-615-4379 for answers and volume discounts!