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Pioneer – Coverall | Power Glide, HR2500, Automatic Tarping System

Pioneer – Coverall | Power Glide, HR2500, Automatic Tarping System

Starting Price: $5,629.00

The Pioneer, Coverall HR2500 Power Glide System combines the versatility of the RP4500 and the economy of the Econocover HR1500 into one easy to install, easy on the pocket automatic tarp system.

The slide carriage design and hydraulic gantry allow the Power Glide to cover containers of various heights and lengths, up to 24′ long!  The carriage slides 24″ forward and backward and the adjustable gantry elevates from 60″ to 96″.  A direct drive hydraulic motor provides smooth quiet operation. The system comes standard with Pioneers HR4759 heavy duty expandable mesh tarp and the system is covered by an industry leading 3-year warranty.

Durable, affordable and easy to install! The Pioneer HR2500 offers it all!  Questions?  Call Dan LoAlbo 757-615-4379

Brochure  |  Install Manual

NOTE: The Pioneer HR2500 series are “paint ready” and should be painted with high-quality exterior-grade, metal paint. Components will corrode quickly unless properly painted either before or after installation.  This includes the gantry, tarp cradle, and valve components.

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