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Pioneer – Coverall | Econocover HR1500PTO & HR1500EXW/PP Automatic Tarping System

Pioneer – Coverall | Econocover HR1500PTO & HR1500EXW/PP Automatic Tarping System

Starting Price: $4,898.00

Pioneer’s most economical automatic tarping system for multi-axle roll-off trucks features an adjustable gantry, a direct drive hydraulic motor, and aluminum or steel swing arms. Or consider the HR1500EXW/PP with all the same features as the HR1500PTO, but utilizing a Self-Contained Electric/Hydraulic Pump and Electric Tarp Motor in lieu of the hydraulics.

The Pioneer, Coverall, Econoncover HR1500 utilizes the truck’s hydraulic system and is powered by a direct drive hydraulic motor.  The roller assembly is mounted to an elevating gantry adjustable from 60″ to 96″. Heavy-duty steel (HR1500PTO) or aluminum (HR1500PTOAL) arms are deployed by high torque spring assemblies.  The HR4759  expandable mesh tarp is included in the base price.

The HR1500EXW/PP (steel swing arms) and HR1500EXALW/PP (aluminum swing arms) is the fully electric version of the HR1500PTO. Utilizing a self-contained electric/hydraulic pump to raise and lower the gantry and a high-torque electric motor to deploy and retract the tarp. No need to “plumb” this system to your truck PTO, just connect it to the electrical system (battery) and you have all the power needed to run the system!

Brochure  |  Installation Manual HR1500PTO | Hydraulic Working Pressure Requirements

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NOTE: The Pioneer HR1500PTO series are “paint ready” and should be painted with high-quality exterior-grade, metal paint. Components will corrode quickly unless properly painted either before or after installation.  This includes the gantry, tarp cradle, and valve components.