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Mountain Tarp | Tarp-N-Go, Cable Tarp System for Dump Trucks and Trailers

Mountain Tarp | Tarp-N-Go, Cable Tarp System for Dump Trucks and Trailers

Starting Price: $2,328.00

Mountain Tarp has developed an exceptionally well built Sliding Tarp Systems at a very affordable price.  The Tarp-N-Go is available in three system configurations; Anti-Pollution Mesh (tarp extends to the inside edge of the box), Anti-Pollution Vinyl (tarp extends to the inside edge of the box) or Semi-Waterproof Vinyl (tarp extends to the outside edge of the box). All three systems come standard with Stainless Steel Cable, K-Bar Front Shaft Support, Pre-Assembled Components, and Memory Strip Tarp Inserts to make installation and operation easy and efficient.  Galvanized tarp bows have four different height options  (flat, 6″, 12″ or 18″) and EZ-Bow Ends for easy bow or tarp replacement.  Finally, the Tarp-N-Go is driven by an easy to turn hand crank or a high torque tarp motor.

Due to the custom configuration of a Cable Tarp or Accordion Style System, an order form is required to process an order.  Please complete the appropriate form below and email to dan@tarpguy.com when placing your order.

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Questions? Need Multiple Units?  Call Dan LoAlbo directly at 757-615-4379 for answers and volume discounts!

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The Mountain Tarp, Tarp-N-Go is an accordion-style cable tarp system for dump trucks and dump trailers from 15′ to 40′ (custom size lengths and widths are available…call for details). The Tarp-N-Go is available with four covering options: Anti-Pollution Mesh, Anti-Pollution Vinyl, Semi-Waterproof Vinyl, and Side Drop Vinyl. The selection of system and material depends on your application. If you are not sure, call Dan LoAlbo directly at 757-615-4379 for help in deciding which system best fits your needs.

Typical cable sliding tarp system applications include, but are not limited to; hot asphalt, sand, stone, gravel, waste, grain, sludge or wood chips.

Other options for the Tarp-N-Go include; ground-level hand crank or electric drive motor, standard rear pulleys or extended pulleys. Flat, 6″, 12″ or 18″ rise bows and EZ-bow ends.

The Tarp-N-Go has many configurations and can be customized to fit your exact size and needs. Give Dan LoAlbo a call to discuss your tarp system requirements.