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Donovan | HY-Tower Armless Tarping System

Donovan | HY-Tower Armless Tarping System

Starting Price: $5,798.00

The Hy-Tower™ semi-automatic roll-off tarp system covers containers from 15 to 40 cubic yards, with a gantry that raises 12 feet (double leg) or 15 feet (single leg) above the truck frame and then tucks compactly behind the cab during transport. The lightweight, easy-to-handle, extra-wide 100-inch tarp allows you to quickly contain heaping loads from the safety of the ground. You just raise the tower, deploy and secure the tarp, lower the tower and hit the road!

Hydraulics for the system is self-contained and require minimal maintenance, and care is especially easy with no pivot arms to bend or break. The Hy-Tower™ comes pre-assembled for easy installation and weighs only 450 pounds installed! Durable and built to last, the springs are backed by a lifetime warranty

Single Leg Installation Manual  |  Double Leg Installation Manual  | Brochure

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The Donovan HY-Tower is an armless tarping system that easily covers heaping container loads.  Rising 15’ above your truck frame, the HY-Tower utilizes a 100” wide tarp to quickly and effectively cover your container.  With a Self-Contained Electric over Hydraulic Motor, the HY-Tower does not need to be connected to trucks hydraulic system.


  • Rises 12′ (double leg) or 15’ (single leg) above the truck frame
  • Self-Contained Electric over Hydraulic Motor
  • Tucks Compactly Behind the Cab
  • 100” Wide X 28’ Long Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp (optional)
  • Covers 15 to 40 Cubic Yard Containers
  • Low Maintenance
  • External Roller Spring Adjustment
  • Easily Covers Heaped Loads