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heavy-duty dump truck tarps

The “Tarpguy” on the job!

I Sell Heavy Duty Truck Tarps…

Often when we meet somebody new, the question of “what do you do” (for a living) will generally come up at some point during the conversation. I have a variety of ways to describe my “job”, “business”, or “profession” but almost every time I will get a look of confusion and then a follow-up question such as “I need a new cover for my pool, do you do that”?  Nope.  Or “Cool, I need a tarp to cover my firewood, can you help me out”?  Nope.

Eventually, I say something like…you know those tarps that cover the loads on big commercial dump trucks so that your window is less likely to get smashed with flying debris?  Well, I sell the components, or “tarp system” that deploys the tarp over the load, thereby protecting your windshield…Ohhhh, ok, now I understand.  Right-on!

Heavy-duty truck tarps and dump truck tarps, that’s what I do! For every dump truck, dump trailer, roll-off truck, transfer trailer or ANY open-top container in need of load containment.  It’s a niche industry, but the scope is very, very wide, spanning dozens and dozens of industries from agriculture to waste treatment.  If there is a truck with a load, it needs to be covered…All 50 states have some level of mandatory tarp laws in place so truck tarp covers are needed by just about every over the road hauler.  A heavy duty truck tarps system is an easy cost-effective way to meet your state DOT requirements for load covers.  Of course, you should check with your state DOT for specific requirements.

Regardless of the type of truck or trailer you utilize, you can be sure that a high-quality load covering system is just a phone call or click away.  Feel free to call me, text me or email me with any questions you may have about load covers and heavy duty truck tarps for WHATEVER load you need to contain…After all, it’s what I do!

For more information about heavy duty truck tarps or truck tarping systems call Dan LoAlbo  LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc.@ 757-615-4379 (cell) or email here dan@tarpguy.com