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Heavy Duty Dump Truck Tarps

Aero Easy Cover, Model 565 with High Mounts Springs

Heavy Duty Dump Truck Tarps –  Now go back and read that again, but read it in one of those deep Sam Elliot type advertising voices.  Sounds good right?  Well maybe not to you, but since I sell heavy-duty dump truck tarp systems, it’s the way I want to hear it in my head.

So exactly what is a Heavy Duty Dump Truck Tarp System or Kit?  Generally speaking, this would refer to a Swing Arm Tarp System or Flip Tarp System or Mouse Trap Tarp System or a Front to Back Arm Tarp or a Roll Tarp.  Amazingly, every one of these terms refers to the exact same style of truck tarp system, but like so many things in life, we have different names to describe one item, product or thing.  For example, since I’m drafting this post at Halloween time when everything becomes “Pumpkin” which is also known as Winter Squash, Autumn Gold, Baby Boo and Sweetie Pie, just to name a few.  But I’m off topic, so back to the post…

Heavy Duty Dump Truck Tarps

Mountain Tarp, Electric Flip Tarp System on a Multi-Axle Dump Truck with Aluminum Swing Arms

Throughout the balance of this blog post, I’m going to utilize the various terms for Heavy Duty Dump Truck Tarps interchangeably just to keep things interesting.  LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc. and the Tarpguy (me) offer a wide range of Front to Back Arm Tarp Systems from the top tier manufacturers in the industry including; Aero Industries, Donovan Enterprises, Mountain Tarp, Pioneer, Roll-Rite, Shur-Co, and Tarping Systems Inc. (TSI).

All Swing Arm Truck Tarp Systems are essentially the same from a functionality standpoint.  Manufacturers differentiate the systems with unique swing arm designs, spring configurations or various optional accessories.  This may include, but is not limited to single length arms or telescopic style swing arms, clock style torsion springs – both single or double torsion – or under mount spring, and optional items such as Reverse DC Solenoid Switches (standard with some systems), Automatic Arm Lock-Down Devises (Aero’s “The Claw), and Double Arms.

Most Heavy Duty Dump Truck Tarp Systems are well suited for installation on a single axle, double-axle, tri-axle or quad-axle dump trucks of virtually any size.  Likewise, Front to Back Arm Tarp Systems are equally functional on any length dump trailer or transfer trailers up to about 53’ long!

Heavy Duty Dump Truck Tarps

Donovan Flash Electric Flip Tarp System on an Aluminum Tri-Axle Dump Truck

Mousetrap Style Dump Truck Tarp Systems can be combined with a variety of tarp materials and configurations to provide the best containment for your specific requirements.  Mesh Tarps work well for virtually every covering application that does not require any level of water resistance.  Solid Vinyl Tarps provide a waterproof envelope to reduce water penetration into the dump body.  Other Tarp Materials include RFL, which is an excellent option for covering asphalt.  Any Dump Truck Tarp can be manufactured with Side Flaps and Shock Cords (bungee cords are sewn into the tarp that assists in deploying and retracting the flaps).  Side Flaps, when deployed and secured properly, provide a superior level of containment and water resistance when combined with a solid vinyl tarp material.

All things considered, Heavy Duty Dump Truck and Dump Trailer Tarp Systems are a great way to cover and contain almost any load.  Still wondering what tarp system, tarp, and configuration are best suited for your dump truck or dump trailer?  Give me a call and we will figure it out. For more information about Heavy Duty Dump Truck Tarps call Dan LoAlbo | 757-615-4379 |