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Electric Dump Truck Tarp Systems | The King of the Heavy Hauling Industry

Aero Easy Cover, Models 465 and 565, installed on a blue dump truck

Aero-Model 565 Electric Flip Tarp System with High Mount Spring Assemblies.

Many of my conversations with customers will begin with me asking probing questions to determine what type of dump truck tarp system will best meet their load containment requirements.  When I get to the question of “would you prefer manual or electric” the response is often “manual” because they may feel that a manual system will save them a significant amount of money when compared to the electric dump truck tarp system.  The truth is it really isn’t that much of a difference, specifically when we are discussing front-to-back flip tarp or swing arm style tarp systems.  In fact, in a few cases, the manual systems actually cost a little more.  So with that in mind, let’s take a look at the Electric Dump Truck Tarp Systems that LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc offers at our tarpguy.com website.  For the purpose of this post, I will concentrate on the front-to-back flip tarp and swing arm tarp systems…also known as mousetrap tarp systems or roll tarp systems.

Electric Dump Truck Tarp Systems

TSI Patriot Electric Flip Tarp System with Aluminum Swing Arms

As a national distributor for 9 of the major tarp system manufacturers, LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc and tarpguy.com is very well positioned to support the most challenging load covering requirement you may have.  I’m always glad to have a conversation with anybody who wants to talk tarp systems.

Electric dump truck tarp systems range in price from about $630.00 to $2,500.00 depending on the manufacturer, length of system and options desired.  Our most economical electric dump truck tarp system is the TSI Stealth with prices climbing as we look at Aero, Donovan, Mountain Tarp, Roll-Rite, and Pioneer electric tarp systems

Our top selling systems include the Aero, Easy Cover Model 575 series of systems, Donovan Flash and TSI Patriot. All of these systems utilize aluminum swing arms with high torque 12VDC electric tarp motors.  Each system has specific “standard” components with a variety of optional items that improve functionality and load containment.  All options are available when ordering your tarp system online.

Electric Dump Truck Tarp Systems

Donovan Hammer Electric Flip Tarp System with Steel Swing Arms

Tarp motors for all of our electric dump truck tarp system carry a non-prorated warranty.  Typically 3 full years, but a few of the lower cost motors carry a one year warranty.  I can say quite confidently that tarp motors tend to last a very long time when installed and used properly.  Rarely have I had to replace a motor due to a manufacturing defect or complete failure.  On that rare occasion that a motor requires warranty replacement, I have found that most failures have occurred in the first few days or weeks of operation.  If a motor is functioning after the first month, more than likely it will offer many years of maintenance-free operation.  If not, I’m here to help!

Do you need an Electric Dump Truck Tarp Systems…or any dump truck to dump trailer tarp system?   Give me, Dan LoAlbo  a call directly at 757-615-4379 and I’ll be glad to discuss your needs and help you determine the best system for your application.