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dump truck tarps

Aero, Model 550, Dump Truck Tarps

Dump Truck Tarps Systems


I just recently received a call asking me “what is a flip tarp?”  “Is that the same as a tarp system for a dump truck?”  Absolutely!  Like so many industries, we in the truck tarp industry use a lot of generic terms to describe our products.  When I speak specifically about dump truck tarps, I will use terminology such as “flip tarp” or  “front to back tarp system” or “swing arm tarp” or “mouse trap tarp” or even “roll tarp”.  All of these names describe the same style of dump truck tarps systems most frequently found on dump trucks of any size shape or configuration.  Single axle, tandem axle, tri-axle or quad-axle, all will benefit from the use of a dump truck tarps system for load containment.


What does the typical dump truck tarp system look like?  You know, those “arms” (often call “rails” or “bow”) you see on the side of a dump truck as it rolls down the road?  Well, those arms are a lifesaver to the driver of that truck. Those arms or rails help to elevate and deploy the tarp over the load to help contain the sand, gravel, trash, construction debris or whatever is being hauled during transport.  This allows the driver/operator to stay safely on the ground (manual system) or in the cab (electric system) while tarping and un-tarping the load.  It’s also those odd-looking rails or arms in conjunction with high torque torsion springs, a tarp motor or manual hand crank and a heavy-duty tarp that helps to keep your windshield and car paint-job just little safer as you drive maybe a little too closely behind that tandem axle dump truck doing 65 mph down the highway or 25 mph on that bumpy rural road. I think we would all agree that not having to call the auto glass company or auto body repair shop on a regular basis is a good thing!


Front to Back Flip Tarp Systems


LoAlbo enterprises, Inc. offers front to back  flip tarp systems from the leading manufacturers in the United States.  Aero Industries, Donovan, Mountain Tarp, Pioneer, Roll-Rite, Shur-Co and Tarping Systems Inc. Familiar names such as Easy Cover, Economy Easy Cover, Flash, Hammer, Stealth, G-Series and Patriot dump truck tarps are just a few of the great products offered by the tarpguy!  For more specific information on each of these manufacturers, check out this blog entry or visit our flip tarp systems page.


Flip Tarp Dump Truck Tarps


I would estimate that flip tarps make up about 90% of all dump truck tarps systems on the road today.  Dump Trailers, Roll Off Trucks, Side Dumps, Belly Dumps, Walking Floor Trailers, Transfer Trailers, etc. will frequently use other styles of tarping systems, but for dump trucks and I’m talking all dump trucks, single axle, tandem axle, tri-axle, or quad axle dump trucks,  the absolute king of the road is a flip tarp, front to back tarp, arm tarp or mousetrap tarp…Call it what you like, I’ll understand and be glad to help you out with whatever brand, option, drive (manual or electric) and dump truck tarp you need.  Whether you have a single axle dump truck that is used just a few times a year or a fleet of multi-axle dump trucks hauling multiple loads per day, I have the perfect dump truck tarps system and load covering solution for every size dump truck tarps and every load hauling application. For more information about dump truck tarps systems call me Dan LoAlbo directly at 757-615-4379 or email me at dan@tarpguy.com with any questions or inquiries you may have. Or you can contact Dan here with our convenient contact form.


Installation of Arm Tarp Systems/ Dump Truck Tarps


Over the past 25 years, I have installed quite a few arm tarp systems.  I don’t know if that makes me an expert, but it certainly makes me experienced. So if you have questions about your installation, I’ll be glad to help.  Prefer to watch a video?  Check out our “how to” video library, maybe you will find the perfect video to help you through your installation questions.  If not, or if you just want additional support, please give me a call.


About Tarpguy


Since 1996, LoAlbo Enterprises has been selling truck tarps systems, parts and dump truck tarps and trailers to heavy hauler all across the United States! We offer complete manual or electric tarp kits for every load covering application. Providing the highest quality products from the leading manufactures in the industry; Aero, Donovan, Merlot, Mountain Tarp, Pioneer, Pulltarps, Shur Co and TSI. Our expansive line of heavy-duty tarping solutions for dump trucks, dump trailers, roll-off trucks, side dumps, transfer trailers, belly dumps or any open top containers truck tarping systems will satisfy the most demanding application you can imagine. From ready to go off the shelf flip tarps system and swing arm tarp kits to automatic roll-off truck tarping systems to highly a customized load cover, we will work with you to meet your exact specifications. For more information about Dump Truck Tarps call 757-615-4379.