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Aero Easy Cover, Model 575 with Second Arm on an Alumium Dump Truck

Aero Easy Cover, Model 575 with Second Gravity Arm and Black Mesh Tarp

Although the title of this post is Dump Truck Replacement Tarps, please don’t overlook this post if you own a dump trailer, roll-off truck, belly dump or transfer trailer as I do offer replacement tarps for all those tarp systems as well.  Yes, the context of this post will focus mostly on Dump Truck Replacement Tarps but the information in this post is applicable to virtually any Flip Tarp System or Swing Arm Tarp System, so please read on no matter what type of dump body, trailer or truck you have.

Dump Truck Replacement Tarps are one of the most popular items sold by LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc. and tarpguy.com.  These tarps are readily available in two quite common widths, 7’ wide and 7’-6” wide (custom widths are made as needed).  Lengths are available from 10’ to 54’.  Similarly, dump trucks tarps are available in two common materials.  Mesh or Vinyl.  Other materials are available, but Mesh and Vinyl are by far the most popular materials with mesh being purchased about 80% of time.

Flip Tarp Systems for Dump Trucks

Donovan Bullet Flip Tarp System with Black Mesh Tarp

Mesh Dump Truck Tarps:

Mesh tarp material is measured in weight.  Most “heavy duty” mesh tarp for Dump Truck Tarp Systems weighs in at about 11 ounces per square yard.  So, we in the industry say it is an “11-ounce mesh”.  This weight fluctuates a bit from one supplier to another, but a huge percentage of the tarps you might see on any construction dump truck tarp system is going to be the heavy duty, 11-ounce mesh tarp material.  Finished mesh tarp material is typically stocked in just black, but a full range of colors are available including red, blue, green, and white.  Not every manufacturer stock colored tarp material so you may own a Roll-Rite Tarp System and desire a red replacement tarp.  Since Roll-Rite only stocks black, you may need to go with another manufacturers tarp to find your desired color.

Mesh tarp material is excellent for covering sand, gravel, waste, trash, construction debris or any other load that does not require any level of waterproofing.

Vinyl Dump Truck Tarps:

Truck Tarp Covers

Vinyl Truck Tarp Material in a Variety of Colors

Vinyl tarps are most commonly made of 18-ounce vinyl.  Unlike mesh tarp material, vinyl tarps are found in 14-ouce and 22-ounce material.  However, 18-ounce is usually the only in-stock tarp.  Other weights are made on an as need basis.  Like Mesh, stock size vinyl tarps are usually only offered in black.  Vinyl tarps can be made in a wide range of colors and can even be blended.  So, a Red, White, and Blue tarp is easy to make.

Vinyl tarp material is used extensively for hot asphalt applications due to its high heat rating of nearly 400 degrees.  Vinyl tarps can also be used for any application where shedding water off the load is desired.

Other Replacement Dump Truck Tarp Materials:

A whole range of tarp materials are available beyond the Mesh and Vinyl.  Including RFL Asphalt Tarps, Donoprene, Lumite, Mighty Mesh, Gator Mesh and Gator Mesh.  Any of these tarps can be manufactured for Dump Truck Tarp System applications in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

Not sure what tarp material would be best for your application?  Just give me a call at 757-615-4379 and I will be glad to help.