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Dump Trailer Tarp Systems come in all shapes and sizes.  End dumps, side dumps, walking floor and bottom dumps are just a few.  Likewise, the tarping systems that contain the loads hauled by these trailers come in a variety of styles, designs, functionality, and options.

The end dump trailer, which may haul anything from sand and gravel to grain and vegetables to trash and rubbish, is the most common dump style trailer on the open road.  The tarp system selected for an end dump trailer depends greatly on the typical load hauled by the respective trailer.  A flip tarp such as the Aero Easy Cover or a sliding cable tarp such as the Mountain Tarp, Tarp-N-Go will be the best tarping solution for sand and gravel, trash and waste as these materials do not usually require protection from water intrusion, while a side-roll tarp system such as the Shur-Co, Shur-Loc will be better suited for covering grain or vegetable trailers as a side-roll tarp system will offer improved water resistance.   A flip tarp system or cable tarp system can be paired with a heavy-duty mesh tarp or solid vinyl tarp.

Side Dump – Dump Trailer Tarp Systems

Dump Trailer Tarp Systems

Shur-Co, Iron Side, Side Dump Tarp System

Side dump trailers require a specialized “side dump tarp system” such as the Aero Sidekick 2 or the Shur-Co, Ironside tarping systems.  The side dump trailer will utilize a mesh or vinyl tarp.

Walking floor or transfer trailers, which technically are not end-dumps, but close enough to be included in this post, can utilize either a side roll system such as the Mountain Tarp, Ratchet Side Roll or a more automated tarp system such as the Aero Lid, Donovan Sidewinder or Donovan Double Flip.  The tarps for the automated systems are a lightweight mesh with an open weave. For the double flip a solid vinyl tarp can be used.

Finally, bottom dumps are a great match for flip tarp systems. And also cable tarp system or side roll tarp systems, depending on the material being hauled.   All tarp material options can be used with the bottom dump depending on the application for your dump trailer tarp systems.

All things considered, end dump trailers have a nice variety of  dump trailer tarp systems  options and applications. Need more help deciding on what systems are the best fit for your end dump trailer?  Need more information about Dump Trailer Tarp Systems give me a call directly, Dan LoAlbo at 757-615-4379.