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Commercial Truck Tarps

Several generic terms are used to describe the commercial truck tarps systems used on roll-off trucks.  This includes Automatic Roll-Off Systems, Auto-Tarper, Automatic-Tarper, and Armless Tarper just to name few.  Of course, the commercial truck tarp systems manufacturers have their own brand names for these systems.  Donovan offers the HY-Tower, Quick Flip III, and the SWAT.   Pioneer has the HI-Roller, Tuff-Tarper, Econocover, and Rack-N-Pinion Strong Arm.  Roll-Rite manufactures the DC200, DC203, DC302, DC350 and DC400 series of auto tapers and, Pulltarps offers the Tower System commercial truck tarps.

Essentially all of these brand names and description break down into three categories.

  1. Armless Systems
  2. Stationary (Length) Arm Systems
  3. Adjustable Arm Systems

Let’s take a look at each category and the commercial truck tarps that fit into each category description…

  • Armless Systems Commercial Truck Tarps

Commercial Truck Tarps

Donovan HY-Tower Single Leg

First, we have Armless Tarpers.  This includes; the Donovan HY-Tower SL (single leg) and HY-Tower DL (double leg), the Pioneer HR1000 HI-Roller and HR2000 HI-Roller, Roll-Rites DC100 Series and finally, Pulltarps Tower System.  All of these systems are functionally the same.  That is, a gantry will elevate the tarp roller housing anywhere from 10’ above the truck frame (Pulltarps Tower) to 15’ above the truck frame (Donovan HY-Tower SL). The tarp is then deployed by manually pulling a rope from behind the truck (operates like a pull shade in your home window).  The tarp is then secured behind the can at which time the gantry is lowered covering and containing the load.  Functionally, as noted earlier, all of the systems are very similar. Operationally, the biggest difference is the height of each system elevates and the mechanism for elevating the gantry.  The Donovan HY-Tower SL elevates 15’ above the frame while the HY-Tower DL elevates 12’ above the truck frame.  Both Donovan Systems utilize an electric over hydraulic pump system to elevate the gantry.   The Pioneer HR1000 HI-Roller elevates 8’-8” and the HR2000 elevates 13’ above the truck frame.  Pioneers tower systems utilize either an electric over hydraulic pump OR the system can be tied into the truck PTO utilizing the truck’s hydraulics.  The Pulltarps Tower system elevates 10’ above the frame and like the Donovan systems utilizes the electric over hydraulic pump assembly.  All of the systems incorporate a heavy duty, but lightweight mesh tarp for excellent load containment when properly deployed and secured.  Armless systems are easy to use with limited moving parts.  These systems are also generally easy to install and priced friendly.

  • Automatic Roll Off Tarp System – Commercial Truck Tarps (stationary length swing arms)

Commercial Truck Tarps

Pioneer HR1500 Auto-Tarper commercial truck tarp systems

Next, we have Automatic Roll-Off Tarp System with stationary length swing arms.  These systems are best suited for roll-off trucks or hook lifts that carry the same size can.  However, they are also suitable for variable size cans as long as the system is originally installed to cover the largest can utilized.  Stationary length arm systems include, but are not limited to; Donovan Quick Flip III series, Pioneer’s Tuff-Tarper and Econocover,  and  Roll-Rite offers the DC200, DC203 and DC400 Series of auto-tarpers.  These systems operate with stationary or elevating gantries utilizing either an electric over hydraulic pump or the truck PTO system.  The stationary arm Auto-Tarper deploys the tarp over the load utilizing spring loaded swing arms that are secured at the fender well or outriggers attached to the truck frame.  For taller roll-off cans an elevating gantry is recommended, while shorter cans use a stationary height gantry.  This system offers a non-manual operation at a more economical price than the adjustable arm system, which we will talk about next…

  • Automatic Tarp Systems for Roll-Off Truck-Commercial Truck Tarps (adjustable or sliding arm systems)

Commercial Truck Tarps

Roll-Rite DC350, Auto-Tarper commercial truck tarp systems

Finally, we have the big dog of auto tapers!  Fully automatic tarpers that will cover any size roll-off can up to 40 yards with ease and efficiency.  LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc. is proud to offer the very best in fully automatic tarp systems from Donovan (SWAT), Pioneer (Rack-N-Pinion Strong Arm System and HR2500 System) and Roll-Rite (DC203 and DC350).  All of the adjustable arm systems are functionally similar.  They deploy the tarp over the load with heavy duty swing arms that can be moved forward or backward on a horizontal slide mechanism.  Some manufacturers incorporate hydraulic cylinders into the arm itself allowing the arm to be lengthened or shortened as needed.  All of the fully automatic, commercial truck tarps for roll-off systems will utilize a variety of methods for deploying the tarp arms and tarp.  This may be fully hydraulic, hydraulic and electric, hydraulic and mechanical (springs) or fully electric.  For various length roll-off cans, the fully automatic systems offer the versatility and durability to cover loads completely and easily in just a few minutes.  The arms can be adjusted to land securely on the rear of the container, providing a nice seal to help prevent loss of debris from the loaded container.

One very important side not to consider. All of these systems require 8″ to 12″ of space between the back of the cab and the most forward component on the lift platform or hook lift.  The minimal space depends on the system, but for best results and ease of installation, 12″ will make everything much easier.  If you have less than 12″ call me and we can discuss the best option based on your specific situation.

When your shopping for commercial truck tarp systems many factors have to be considered and the task can be daunting.  The cost, installation, containment, versatility, durability, and ease of operation are just a few factors we have discussed above.  Most of these systems have installation manuals available on my website if you want to get some installation details.  Click here to visit the roll-off tarp systems page for additional information and install manuals on all of the systems we offer.

Still not sure???  That’s why I’m here!  Call me…

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