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New Innovative Tarping Technology

Aero Force F2B Front to Back, Pivot Mount

AeroForce Pivot Mount.

As a consumer, I love when new innovative “things” become available.  Of course, the easy example here is the most recent smartphone which blows away the technology of prior generation phones.  But we are not talking about electronics here, so a closer example may be running shoes.  As a recreational runner, I enjoy when the new revision of a running shoe is released.  New light-weight materials, more cushioning, and a better fit are typical improvements…So just about every year, I can expect changes and improvements in my overly priced running shoes.  But, when it comes to industrial truck tarp systems, major innovative changes are far less frequent but equally as impressive when released.  In the case of Aero’s AeroForce series of tarp systems, we find a truly innovative design revolution…let’s take a closer look.

Aero has integrated its new internal compression spring technology into three AeroForce tarp system lines.  First, we have the AeroForce F2B (front to back), second is the AeroForce ROC (roll-off container) and finally the AeroForce S2S (side to side).  In this blog, I will focus primarily on the F2B and ROC systems.

The AeroForce brings a whole new innovative design to tarp swing arm operation, internal compression spring technology.  With a redesigned swingarm, a compression spring is inserted INSIDE the arm protecting the spring from external damage.  The compression spring is integrated with a sheave and steel wire rope to generate 2X more downward force and 8X the strength of a typical spiral clock style spring.  The AeroForce can utilize up to 3 compression springs per side providing enough spring strength to cover a trailer up to 53’ long!

AeroForce F2B

Aero Force F2B Tarp System on multi axle dump truck

Aero’s AeroForce F2B, Front to Back Tarp System on a multi-axle dump truck.

The AeroForce F2B, Front to back swing arm tarp system is designed for covering dump trucks and trailers up to 53’ long.  Pivot mounts can easily be mounted low or high on the side of the dump body for improved functionality.  Aero’s new extruded aluminum arm brings both strength and beauty to the AeroForce tarp system.  Check out the F2B brochure here.

Aero, AeroForce ROC, Roll Off Container Tarp System with Straight arms on a Hoist Lift Truck

AeroForce ROC, Roll-Off Container Tarp System on a Hoist Lift Truck.

AeroForce ROC

Aero’s, AeroForce ROC, Roll-Off Container systems bring a new product line to the Aero family of tarping systems.  The ROC is designed to cover hook trucks and cable host trucks carrying 20, 30 and 40-yard containers.  Sliding pivot mounts provide great load containment.  Check out the ROC brochure here.

In an industry where major innovative changes are infrequent (don’t fix it if it ain’t broke), the new AeroForce internal spring compression technology brings a breath of fresh air to a relatively stagnant swing arm spring design.

Need more information on the AeroForce tarp system or any other tarping system offered by LoAlbo Enterprises?  Call me, Dan LoAlbo, The Tarpguy directly at 757-615-4379.  I’ll be happy to discuss your specific tarping needs and the best tarping system for your application.