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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions regarding our dump truck and trailer tarping systems and load covers.
For more information about Trailer Tarping and truck tarping systems call Dan at (757) 615-4379.

Why is my shipping so expensive?

As of 2018, shipping carriers have increased their over-sized shipping rates. If your purchase includes items exceeding 96 inches, your shipping costs will be affected and may increase the total purchase cost. As an item’s size increases, the shipping rates increase as well.

Can LoAlbo Enterprises provide custom tarps and systems?

Yes!  LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc. can design and customize the tarp you need to meet your truck cover application.  We can also customize your truck tarp system to fit virtually any dump truck, dump body, dump trailer or open top container. As a national distributor for the top US Tarp Manufacturers including: Aero Industries, Donovan Enterprises Inc., Mountain Tarp, Pioneer, Pulltarps and TSI (tarping systems inc); LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc. can offer and design the right cover and covering system for your needs!

What is a Flip Tarp?

A Flip Tarp, also referred to as an “Arm Tarp”, “Swing Arm Tarp”, “Roll Tarp”, “Mousetrap Tarp” or “Automatic Tarp” is unquestionably the most popular truck tarp system in use today. The Flip Tarp utilizes a series of externally mounted springs near the bottom center of the truck or trailer bed.  The spring assemblies are connected to “arms” that elevate the tarp over the load for quick and easy covering.  The design and appearance of the swing arms are similar to that of a mousetrap thereby it is often called a Mousetrap Tarp System. The tarp material can be mesh, vinyl or RFL.  The tarp is rolled up on a roller bar at the front of the truck bed, this is the reason the system is sometimes called a Roll Tarp.  The system is operated with a Manual Hand Crank an electric tarp motor or in some cases a hydraulic motor.  The Flip Tarp has endless applications including dirt, stone, rock, sand, gravel, asphalt, waste, construction and landscape.  It can be made semi-waterproof with the addition of a solid tarp (vinyl) and side flaps.  Need more feedback?  Give us a call.

What is a Cable Driven or "Accordion Style" Tarp System?

A Cable Driven Tarp also referred to as a “Cable Tarp” or “Accordion Tarp” is an ingenious design that utilizes a series of Pulleys, Cables and Bows to deploy and retract the tarp system.  The entire system rests on the top rail of the dump body or dump trailer and “slides” along the top rail as the tarp is opened or closed.  The tarp system is usually operated by a ground level hand crank, but electric tarp operation is an option as well.  The cable tarp system has many trade names Slide-N-Go (Cramaro), Crank-N-Go (Aero), Tarp-N-Go (Mountain Tarp), Bow Slider (Donovan), Top Slider (Pulltarps) and Super Slider (Pulltarps).  All of these systems are functionally the same, but typically offer slight variations in options, design and style.  The tarp material is usually mesh (anti-pollution) or vinyl (semi-waterproof).  Some manufacturers offer a vinyl cover that extends over the side rail (drop side) creating a nearly waterproof cover. The cable system has many, many uses such as; dirt, stone, rock, sand, gravel, asphalt, waste, construction, agriculture (grain), and landscape.  It is best suited for dump trucks or dump trailers with a flush top rail from front to rear (not well suited for dump trucks with cab shield protectors that are higher than the dump beds side rails).

What is a Pull Tarp System?

As the name implies, Pull Tarp Systems are “pulled” over the load.  The operator stands behind the dump body and pulls a rope to deploy the tarp.  The tarp is retracted either manually (direct drive cab level hand crank) Semi-Automatically (spring loaded roller bar) or electrically (12VDC motor).  A direct drive cab-level hand crank is the most economical system available and is great for a wide range of applications including smaller dump bodies and small pull behind trailers that are used in the landscape and construction industries.  Semi-Automatic Systems are well suited for smaller dump bodies, but also work very well on larger dumps.  Although these systems are typically armless, swing arms can be added to elevate the tarp over the load.  Options such as the Load Climber help pull the tarp over heaped loads with out the addition of swing arms. Mesh or vinyl tarp material is most commonly used with a pull tarp.  These systems can be made semi-waterproof with the addition of side flaps on a vinyl tarp.

What is a Waste Covering System?

Waste Covering Systems are most frequently used to cover Roll-Off Cans or Transfer Trailers. Roll-Off Truck Systems are often referred to as Automatic Roll Off Tarpers, Auto Tarpers or Automatic Roll Off Systems. Auto Tarps are usually electric or hydraulic in operation and can cover 15, 20, 30 or 50 yard open top containers. Automatic Roll-Off Systems will frequently use an elevating gantry and flip arms to deploy the tarp over the load. Although depending on the manufacturer and system function the gantry may be stationary in height. The arm assemblies on and Auto Tarper are either stationary in length or the length can be adjusted via hydraulic or air actuated cylinders. This allows for easy containment on any size Roll-Off Can. The Donovan Ox or the Pioneer Rack-N-Pinion are two of the more popular versions of the Auto Tarper. A more economical version of the Auto Tarper is the Donovan Quick Flip which offers the benefits of the elevating gantry, but the swing arms are stationary in length. Other Roll-Off Covering Systems include the Donovan HY Tower and the Pulltarps Tower. These systems utilize an elevating gantry, but the tarp is manually deployed by pulling the tarp from a spring loaded roller bar…this system functions much like a pull shade in your home. Finally, waste systems for transfer trailers include; the Donovan Sidewinder, the Aero Lid and the Mountain Tarp Side Flip. These systems use a hinged lid or cover that flips from the top of the trailer in the closed position to the side of the trailer in the open position.

What is the best system for me?

Flip Tarp, Arm Tarp, Roll Tarp, Side Roll, Pull Tarp System, Cable Tarp, Waste System, Electric Tarp System, Manual Tarp System, Hydraulic Tarp System, Automatic Roll-Off System, Semi-Waterproof, waterproof, Mesh, Vinyl or RFL Asphalt; it can get awfully confusing!  Based on your application, LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc. will work with you to help determine what is the best truck tarp system for you.  Just give Dan LoAlbo a call directly at 757-615-4379.

How quickly can my order ship?
Most of our systems are in stock and can ship in one day to four business days from date of order. Special size tarps or special order systems can delay shipment for an extra couple of days. Typically orders will arrive at the customers location in 7 to 15 business days from the date of order.  Part orders can be expedited for overnight or second day delivery (smaller parts).  Larger parts and complete tarp systems generally ship motor freight and can not be guranteed for expedited delivery…we will do our best however. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more details.
How will my order be delivered/shipped?
In order to keep shipping costs as low as possible, we try to use UPS or FedEx whenever possible. Because some tarp system components are very long or bulky, we frequently must ship via motor freight.
Where do you ship?

We currently only ship online to the Contiguous United States. If you live in Hawaii or Alaska, please call Dan at (757) 615-4379 to place your order.

What guarantee or Warranty does LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc. offer?
LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc., LoAlbo.com and Tarpguy.com support the manufacturer warranties and guarantees as outlined by the individual manufacturer. Most offer a 90 guarantee on components and tarps to be free from manufacturer defect. Some specific items offer longer more extensive warranties or guarantees. For example some electric motors either direct drive or winch style offer a 3 year 100% warranty against manufacturer defects.
What is your return policy?
LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc. will accept returns on any unused item or system. In most cases, the product will be delivered directly back to the manufacturer for evaluation prior to refunding the full cost of the product. Return shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer unless the item or system was incorrectly shipped or is not the item or system ordered.  Returns over 30 days will incur a 15% restocking fee.  All refunds will be issued after retuned items are inspected and must be in new condition.
What are your payment terms?
LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc. accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express.  We also accept Checks in Advance and Wire Transfers.  We also consider net 30 terms to repeat customers or government agencies and municipalities.
Does LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc. offer any other resources?
Yes, first of all we are glad to help with any question or concern you may have that is not addressed in the answers above.  Also, we can provide you with direct contact to manufacturer engineers and representative for specific answers that we cannot address.  And we are building a library of “how to” videos with installation and repair tips.  Please check out our “how to video” page to view our video library.